Toothpaste Filling Machine

Toothpaste Filling Machine
Toothpaste Filling Machine Toothpaste Filling Machine
Toothpaste filling machine is working with PLC control system, which makes the machine more accurate and stable. The station rotation adopts precise cam indexing mechanism for precise and smooth positioning.

Features of Automatic Filling and Sealing Equipment
1. All the tube is connected with quick clamp, so load and unload is convenient, faster and lightness.
2. Rotating engine uses frequency conversion type speed control so that the user can adjust speed.
3. Airproof hopper charger, warming hopper and auto hopper are available to be equipped.

Technical Parameters of Toothpaste Filling Machine
Capacity 25 to 40pcs/min
Tube Diameter Φ12.7 to 60 mm
Tube Length Φ12.7 to 60 mm
Filling volume of automatic filling and sealing equipment I 2 to 25 ml Adjustable
II 15 to 150 ml Adjustable
III 30 to 500 ml Adjustable
Measuring precision <1.5%
Air supply 0.6 Mpa
Air Exhaustion 0.3 m3/min
Power Supply 220VAC/50Hz
Power of toothpaste filling machine 3.5 kW
Dimension (L × W × H) 1200 × 1000 × 1600 mm
Weight 450 Kg

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