Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

Plantain Chips Packaging Machine
Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Plantain Chips Packaging Machine Plantain Chips Packaging Machine
Plantain chips packaging machine adopts error indicating system, which can help to handle the trouble immediately. Pillow bags and hanging bags are made in terms of customers’ different requirements.

Types for Choice of Plantain Chips Packaging in Xingfei:
XFL, XFL-200, XFL-250, XFL-300, XFL-350

Parameters of Automatic Packing Machine
Model XFL-300 XFL-350
Bag-making Size (L)100 to 400mm, (W)100 to 300mm (L)100 to 450mm, (W)100 to 350mm
Packing Speed 25 to 65 Bags/Min 25 to 60 Bags/Min
Power supply of plantain chips packaging machine 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 4.0 kW 380 to 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 4.75 kW
Weight 800 kg 8500 kg
Dimension 1200 × 1500 × 1950 (mm) 1250 × 1500 × 2000 (mm)

Packing Samples of Plantain Chips Packaging Machine

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