Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine
Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

Automatic Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine

Automatic petroleum jelly filling machine adopts Taiwan Delta PLC and touch screen. Variable-frequency governor uses the brand from Taiwan TECO. Photoelectric amplifier and optical fiber uses the brand from Korea Atonics.

Working Process of Vaseline Filling Capping Machine

Technical Parameters of Automatic Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine
Production Capacity 1500 to 2700 bottles/hour (weight 25g to 450g ) (6 head)
Type of bottles plastic bottles
Weight 25g/ 100g/ 250g/ 450g
Filling precision ±1%
Filling Temperature 60℃ to 90℃
Filling Pipe hard stainless steel pipe & soft stainless steel pipe
Cooling time 1min to 2min
Cap quantity in the caps feeding machine >600 caps
Type of adhesive labeling machine front, back and top labeling
Type of shrinking Linear, sealing and cutting, shrinking, cooling
Power 380V, 50Hz, three-phase four-wire system
Total power 18.5kW + 12 kW

Main Components of Automatic Petroleum Jelly Filling Machine
PLC, Touch screen Delta from Taiwan
variable-frequency governor TECO from Taiwan
photoelectric amplifier and optical fiber Atonics from Korea
Other components Schneider from France

Machine list of Vaseline Filling Capping Machine
No. Products Quantity Remarks
1 XF-bottle feeder 1
2 Hot liquid Transfer Pump 1
XF-GZ-6 automatic liquid weighing and filling machine 1 With warm keeping device
Change over parts 1 One set of measuring pump
Stainless steel heating and warm keeping liquid storage 1 300 L
3 S shape air cooling machine 1
4 automatic caps loading and pressing machine 1
Change over parts 3 mould
automatic caps conveyor 1
5 XF-TB-3 adhesive labeling machine 1
6 Automatic linear cutting heating and shrinking machine 1 (optional)
7 Conveyor belt 3 meters
8 Roller type Conveyor Belt 1meter
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