Milk Powder Filling Machine

Milk Powder Filling Machine
Milk Powder Filling Machine Milk Powder Filling Machine Milk Powder Filling Machine Milk Powder Filling Machine
Milk powder filling machine is designed according to GMP and the food sanitation requirement. The line achieves the automatic action and make sure the operator will not touch the food, so the processing is more clear and reliable.

Working Process of Automatic Power Filling Machine
Can feeding table → can overturn and blower → tunnel sterilizing machine → conveyor (XF-S auger conveyor) → automatic powder dosing and filling → can seamer unit (pre can sealing → vacuum nitrogen filling machine → can seamer) → conveyor → cover capping machine → platform

Milk powder filling machine is suitable for filling powder, such as milk powder, rice flour, albumen powder, nitrogen powder, coco powder, soybean powder, medicine powder, additive, sugar, dye, flavor, spices, etc

1. The speed of the packing system is 15 to 35 can/min, the accuracy is within ±1 to 2g, the oxygen quantity is less then 3% after vacuum and nitrogen filling, the product can be kept longer.
2. The automatic power filling machine size, specification, capacity is made according to customer’s sample and requirement.

Parameters of Automatic Milk Powder Filling Machine
Packing weight 10 to 2000g (change the auger )
Container size Column container: φ30 to 160mm, H 50 to 280mm
Filling precision 100 to 500g,≤±1g ≥500g, ≤±2g ≥500g, ≤±3g
Filling speed >25 can/min(#502) >30can/min (#307, #401)
Oxygen quantity Less then 3%
Power supply 380V, 50 to 60Hz, 3 phase

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