Liquid Filling and Plug Machine (Liquid Filling and Capping Machine)

Liquid Filling and Plug Machine (Liquid Filling and Capping Machine)
Liquid Filling and Plug Machine (Liquid Filling and Capping Machine)
Liquid filling and plug machine can complete the filling, upper plugging (butyl rubber stopper), capping, covering, and sealing action of penicillin bottle, infusion glass bottles or similar bottles.

1. Tamponade uses a fan-shaped sucking plug device to do reciprocating motion, which has strong reliability.
2. Liquid filling and capping machine with three knives is looking nice in appearance.
3. The machine adopts four (or six) filling, which measures by adjusting the eccentric distance measurement to ensure the accuracy of pressure plug.
4. The equipment features unique design, reliable action coordination and good synchronization, which can be stand-alone production or linked to the production line.

Parameters of Liquid Filling and Plug Machine
Production capacity 2000 to 3600 bottles / hour
Suitable bottle infusion bottles, vials or the similar bottles
Application lid Butyl rubber stopper (not flip )
Applicable models 7 to 100 ml with rotary, 50 to 500 milliner type
Pressure plug rate ≥ 99%
Lock cover rate of liquid filling and capping machine ≥ 99%
Power rate 380V, 50Hz, three-phase four wire system
Power rate of liquid filling and plug machine 2 kW
Dimensions (mm) 1800×1450×1650(2500×850×1650)
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