Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine

Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine
Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine
The infant milk formula filling machine size, specification, capacity is made according to customer’s sample and requirement. The speed of the packing system is 15 to 35 can/min, the accuracy is within ±1 to 2g, the oxygen quantity is less then 3% after vacuum and nitrogen filling, the product can be kept longer.

Features of Baby Milk Powder Filling Machine
1. Side-open of the composite hopper is made of stainless steel and consists of glass and damp.
2. The material movement is visible at a glance through the glass, and air-sealed is avoid the leak.
3. The discharge material mouth with the dust collector protects the workshop environment.
4. Replacing the auger parts: it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.

Parameters of Infant Milk Formula Filling Machine
Packing weight 10 to 2000g (change the auger )
Container size Column container: φ30 to 160mm, H 50 to 280mm
Filling precision of baby milk powder filling machine 100 to 500g, ≤±1g ≥500g, ≤±2g ≥500g, ≤±3g
Filling speed >25 can/min(#502) >30can/min (#307, #401)
Oxygen quantity Less then 3%
Power supply 380V, 50 to 60Hz, 3 phase

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