Glue Packing Machine

Glue Packing Machine
Glue Packing Machine Glue Packing Machine
The glue packing machine can be optional material transfer pump, which is special used for automatic quantitative filling and packing. It can effectively improve the production efficiency, and avoid secondary pollution because of bacteria invasion.

Types for Choice of Glue Packing Machine in Xingfei:
XFL-Y600, XFL-Y600II

Technical Parameters
Model XFL-Y600I XFL-Y600II
Bag 100 to 280mm 100 to 300mm
Bag length 150 to 480mm 150 to 600mm
Film 220 to 590mm 220 to 650mm
Packing material NY/PE
Packing capacity 4 to 10bags/min
Packing volume Max.5000cc Max.10000cc
Making type of glue packaging machine Back seal
Power supply AC, 380V50Hz/60Hz
Power of automatic glue packaging machinery 4.5kW
Air pressure 0.6 to 0.8 Mpa. 0.006 m3
Dimension (L × W × H) 1350mm × 980mm × 1980mm 1350mm × 1080mm × 2150mm
Weight of automatic paste packing machine 980kg 1080kg

Packing Samples of Automatic Glue Packaging Machinery
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