Food Packaging Machine

Food Packaging Machine
Food Packaging Machine Food Packaging Machine Food Packaging Machine
Food packaging machine finish all the process automatically: feeding, dosing, filling, sealing, date printing and finish product conveying.

This automatic vertical packing machine has the advantages of high accurate weighting, high efficiency without broken material.

Food packaging machine is suitable for automatic packaging particle like sweets, beans, peanuts, seeds, grain, biscuits, nuts, tea, dumplings, gourmet, coffee, sugar, etc.

Types for Choice of Food Packaging in Xingfei:
XFL, XFL-200, XFL-250, XFL-300, XFL-350

Parameters of Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

Model XFL-200 XFL-250 XFL-300 XFL-350
Bag-making Size (L)80 to 300mm, (W)80 to 200mm (L)100 to 330mm, (W)100 to 250mm (L)100 to 400mm, (W)100 to 300mm (L)100 to 450mm, (W)100 to 350mm
Packing Speed 25 to 75 Bags/Min 25 to 65 Bags/Min 25 to 65 Bags/Min 25 to 60 Bags/Min
Power Supply 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 3.0 kW 380 to 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 3.6kW 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 4.0 kW 380 to 220V, 50 to 60Hz, 4.75 kW
Compressed air consumption 6 to 8 kg/m2 0.15m3/min 6 to 8 kg/m2, 0.15m3/min 6 to 8 kg/m2, 0.15m3/min 6 to 8 kg/m2, 0.15m3/min
Weight of food packaging machine 500 kg 700 kg 800 kg 850 kg
Dimension(mm) 1450 × 1000 × 1700 1200 × 1450 × 1800 1200 × 1500 × 1950 1250 × 1500 × 2000

Food Packaging Machine

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