Essential Oil Filling Machine

Essential Oil Filling Machine
Essential Oil Filling Machine Essential Oil Filling Machine
The essential oil filling machine adopts Japanese Mitsubishi PLC and touches screen system, and selected Japan Omron light control element, Japan SMC pneumatic components to ensure stable performance.

This automatic sealing and filling machine is volumetric liquid filling equipment, which adopts linear filling, electromechanical integration control with excellence performance. Modeling complies with international mechanical design concept.

Technical Parameters of Essential Oil Filling Machine
Production capacity 1200 to 4000 bottles/hour
Applicable specifications 1L to 6L bottle or tub
Load size 1000ml to 6000ml
Head number 6 to 12
Quantitative error ±0.2%
Compressed air pressure 0.50.8MPa
Compressed air consumption 0.6 to 1.2 m3 / min
Power source of essential oil filling machine 380V, 50Hz, three-phase four wire system
Power rate 1.5 kW
Dimensions of automatic sealing and filling machine 8000 × 1500 × 2500 mm

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