Chocolate Paste Packing Machine

Chocolate Paste Packing Machine
Chocolate Paste Packing Machine Chocolate Paste Packing Machine
Shanghai Xingfei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is an integrated manufacturing enterprise with the ability to designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of chocolate paste packing machine, vertical form fill seal packing machine and automatic packing production line with various types and specifications.

Features of Paste Packaging Machine
1. Appearance and molding parts adopt stainless material, which is easily operation and comply with food hygienic standard.
2. The imported US or domestic 316 stainless feed pump is optional. It features sturdy, durable, high standard pressure which is suitable for high viscosity material conveyor.
3. Chocolate paste packing machine is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical industry.

Types for Choice of Chocolate Paste Packing Machine in Xingfei:
XFL-Y600, XFL-Y600II

Packing Samples of Paste Packaging Machine

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