Cashew Nuts Packing Machine

Cashew Nuts Packing Machine
Cashew Nuts Packing Machine Cashew Nuts Packing Machine Cashew Nuts Packing Machine
Cashew nuts packing machine has the advantages of high accurate weighting, high efficiency without broken material. The system will finish all the process automatically: feeding, dosing, filling, sealing, date coding.

Types for Choice of Cashew Nuts Packing in Xingfei:
XFG-200, XFG-300, XFG-K

Technical Parameters of Cashew Nuts Packing Machine
Capacity 30 to 50 bag/min, according to product type and characteristics
Bag Size (L): 100 to 300mm (W): 100 to 200 mm
Filling weight Up to1000 g/bag (max)
Bag sealing Sealing by heat and pressure
Power supply AC380V±10%, 3-phase 50Hz
Power Consumption 2.0kW
Air consumption of cashew nuts packing machine 0.2 m3/min at 5 to 8 kgf/ cm2 Air compressor is supplied by customer
Machine Weight 1200kg
Dimension (W×L×H) 1140 × 1500 × 1560 mm

Packing Samples of Automatic Pre-made Bag Granule Packing Machine

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