Automatic Eye Drops Filling Sealing Machine

Automatic Eye Drops Filling Sealing Machine
Automatic Eye Drops Filling Sealing Machine
XFY automatic eye drops filling sealing machine adopts bottle supplier to arrange bottles, conveyor belt to deliver bottles. With 2 plug-in filling pumps, it’s not easy to foam. It sends cover electromagnetic oscillation with a high rate. The bottle feeding filling and sealing combined three into one machine.

This equipment is the main filling machine of eye drops liquid filling production line, which is mainly used for arranging, filling, inner stoppering, covering and cap sealing for 3 to 20ml plastic straight tube bottle.

1. Automatic eye drops filling sealing machine features higher precision, reliable motion, and higher rate of finish product.
2. The piston ring uses the brand from Taiwan. High precision intermittent transmission mechanism uses the brand from Shandong.
3. Dosing pump is made of 316L. Other part contact with the bottle is made of 304 stainless steel and nylon

Parameters of Automatic Eye Drops Filling Sealing Machine
Capacity 2000 to 2500 bottle/hour
Range 3 to 20ml round eye drops bottle
Filling precision 0 to 2%
Sealing precision ≥ 99%
Power supply of liquid filling production line 380v,50Hz, three-phase four-wire system (or according to customer’s requirement)
Power 1.3 kW
Dimension 1700 × 1250 × 1620 mm
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