Automatic Coffee Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Coffee Powder Filling Machine
Automatic Coffee Powder Filling Machine Automatic Coffee Powder Filling Machine
We are a professional automatic coffee powder filling machine manufacturer in China. We have gained the recognition of a large number of clients through our many years production experience and marketing and serving experience, and meanwhile we have accumulated abundant experience in terms of products.

1. Chinese/English touch screen and PLC control system are available. Auger is driven by servo motor.
2. The ground coffee filling equipment has the functions of cans support, vibration and dust extraction.

Technical Parameter of Automatic Coffee Powder Filling Machine
Packing weight 10 to 5000g
Weighting range 1 to 6000g (with a resolution of 1 g)
Packing precision ≤1%
Packing speed of powder bottle filling machine 20 to 50 can /min
Power supply 380/220V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power 2 kW
Weight of ground coffee filling equipment 500 kg
Dimension of automatic coffee powder filling machine 1750 × 2700 × 2300mm
Container Volume Cylinder containers with a diameter of 50 to 180mm and a of 50 to 350mm

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