Bread Flour Packing Machine

Bread Flour Packing Machine
Bread Flour Packing Machine Bread Flour Packing Machine Bread Flour Packing Machine
Bread flour packing machine is equipped with safety protection, and complies with firm’s safety management requirements. Error indicating system can help to handle the trouble immediately. Pillow bags and hanging bags are made in terms of customers’ different requirements.

Parameters of Vertical Flour Packaging Equipment

XFF-L 200 XFF-L 250
Measure method Auger dosing Auger dosing
Bag-making size (W) 70 to 200mm (L) 100 to 300mm (W)100 to 250mm (L) 100 to 350mm
Filling weight 10 to 500g 500 to 1000g
Packaging precision ≤1%
Packaging speed 25 to 60 bag /min
Power supply of bread flour packing machine Three phase 380/220V 50 to 60 Hz
Power 6 kW
Pressure 6 to 8 kg/cm2
Air consumption 0.2 m3/min
Weight of vertical flour packaging equipment 700 kg 950 kg
Dimension 1300 × 1500 × 2600 mm

Bread Flour Packing Machine

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